by Terra, the Lazy Artist

CRS1. Comedy Relief Sundays! Be Happy!
CRS2. Who's in charge here?
CRS3. Which couple is better?
CRS4. Enter Caroline
CRS5. What you wish for.
CRS6. Azhreia "Pegasus" - Result of Watching too much Yu-Gi-Oh
CRS7. Terra's re-takeover: I'm Baaaaaack!
CRS8. Hit on me and be hit back
CRS9. Welcome to the ranks Shiroi Ryouhi!
CRS10. Everyone needs a hat
CRSpecial: A dragon! A dragon!
CRF 1. College Off-Campus
CRS11: Happy Birthday Pen!
CRS12: Beat up on Terra
CRS13: Real Life Silliness (Fictitional)
CRS14: SS! vs SS!S Lookalikes

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