by Terra, the Lazy Artist

"Can I...?"

Question Answer
Can I have a character in your comic?
I'm sorry... I'm not taking any more character additions. I've accepted
several but they've gotten out of hand. However, if you want a cameo, I'll
fit you in... If I think it works out... I will not make sprites for cameos
(unless I'm making it a little more than a non-speaking role and am reflecting
characters from other comics.) If you want to show up, you can send me your
sprites, but I can't promise anything. And if you're from RPGWW, you're
already a part of my collection!

Can I use your site background?
No, I'd prefer it if you didn't since I made it specifically for my
comic featuring sprites I've made for or in concept of my comic. I WOULD
however feel free to make you a similar background without using my characters
and dig into my collection of sprites. Just e-mail me and ask.

Can I use your comic backgrounds?
Yes, I'll let you. But you must e-mail me for them and you must give
me credit for them and link me if you post them up again on Internet. And tell
me if you can unzip, because it would be a lot easier to send you a zip file
than a patchwork of e-mails with only small amounts of the backgrounds.

Can I use your sprites?
If you want to use my sprites for CAMEOS yes, I'll let you do that.
But you have to mention it's a cameo from Sprite Show! and link me. The
character bars can be used for that. If you want me to make you sprites...
it depends. I might if I can get around to it, but I may not if I have too much to do...

Can I get sprites and backgrounds for
a fan-comic I want to make?

Sure! Follow the same guidelines as for getting sprites and backgrounds
otherwise and e-mail me. Then when you're done the fan-comic, e-mail
me again with the finished product.

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