by Terra, the Lazy Artist


Subject Response
On Sprites
No, I did not originally design all of my sprites. They're all different
types of edits. Some I didn't really edit like Ace and Fiona but made original
and more expressive positions for. Gina started as a normal edit, but I only had
one sprite of the original to begin with, and all sprites since have been further
edits. Most of the other sprites are mainly just recolours with slight modifications.
All of my main character sprites are from the Final Fantasy series, and most of my
"cameo" sprites come from RPGWW, I made myself, are sprite versions of art-drawn
comic characters, or un-edited originals.

On GT (Gina's Training)
I started this series around comic 20 (it mentions GT in an interlude
comic around that time). However, I got caught up in working on the normal comic
and found myself unable to continue it, to the unhappiness of hat-lovers and Gina
fans everywhere. Then the infamous Penny, (or Chaft or Pen that makes
fan-comics, fan-art, fan-characters, fan-titles and all that stuff) volunteered
to continue the side-comic series. Her comics are marked with a tiny white "pen chaft"
in the bottom right hand corner. She is responsible for all modern references
which I generally leave out of my comic, such as "Avon salesmen".

On Fan-art
Fan-art is fan-art, easy as that. I cannot make my own fan-art therefore
people must make it for me. I give each artist their credits where it's due.
I greatly enjoy fan-art and it would be lovely to get more ^_^

On Fan-comics
As with fan-art, fan's put their own spin on my characters and stories
through fan-comics. Penny has gone as far to make a full-fledged comic that
is half fan-comic, half-original comic and half insanity. What's that?
That's one too many halves you say? That's where insanity comes in ^_^

On Story and characters
I created the story and the characters. One fan wrote to me that he
had made a character named Ace based off the same sprite ironically, but they
are quite different characters in the end. Sprite Show! is a product of my
creativity, and I'm very proud of it.

Other Tid-bits
The opera is from Final Fantasy 6, originally released in N.A. as FF3.
It wouldn't have been quite as entertaining with my weeklong FFFan (from RPGWW)
cameo if it wasn't and would have been a little less revealing of Belle's
character. Using this opera, I can actually convey the "music" to anyone
who has played the game and it adds flavor that it is a "famous" opera.

I have used the punchlines and sayings of characters from quite a few other
comics or video-games. Those were brief cameos. As for the Light Warriors
from 8-bit Theatre that are used in the Gina's Training sub-comic, I asked
the creator for their use in a side story and he allowed it.

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