by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Last updated: March 10, 2004

WOOT! Fan-art! Please enjoy!
Character Tally: Gina - 5, Terra - 5, Fiona - 3, Ace x Blake - 2, Ace x Chaft/Pen - 1, NekoBaka/Ave - 2, Christian - 1, Vink - 3
Fan-art by: Silphiel Art Descriptions
My very first Fan-art, ever ^_^ Blake is so cute in
this pic! OOOooooooooo ^_^ hee hee
Fiona as a Black Mage, B+W and Colored
It's Gina! ^_^ She's gets a lot of Fan-art you know...
This is a front view of Gina ^_^ It's also the pic
featured in Silphiel's Fan-comics ^_^
Fan-art by: Chaft aka Penny Art Descriptions
My first fan-art from Chaft. This is one WICKED Gina! ^_^
Love the colours ^_^
A picture of Ace and Chaft(or as now known in the comic Pen)
Penny was the one that suggested Pen and Ace could be a couple
(subtle way of saying it with this pic, eh?)
Wheeeeeee! It's a fan-art of me ^_^
Fan-art by: Kadina Art Descriptions
My first Fan-art of me! Isn't it wicked? Based on my RPGWW
persona who's got a little knack with handling fire.
ACK! I forgot to HTML this. Kadina's Rendition of the
Creator of Christian, Christian C.
*grins* Another Fan-art of me! ^_^ This is a cool one of
"me" at the beach ^_^
Yeah Kadina may seem to ONLY to Fan-arts of "me", but she
doesn't reeally send them in to me. I get them second hand from
RPGWW. But they still concern me and they're still fan-arts and
Kadina thinks it's fine ^_^ See other stuff at RPGWW!
Fan-art by: Smartz Art Descriptions
Another fan-art of me. I guess it must be east to draw me...
I'd like more other character art! We need some Nick, agree?
Fan-art by: Xardion Art Descriptions
Hey! It's Gina! ^_^ And this person is the first person
that I don't chat with to give me fan-art! I feel special! ^_^
Fan-art by: Kupoke Art Descriptions
Kupoke does the comic Chounen-ai. Both the comic and
this Fan-art are SOOOOOOOO CUTE! ^_^
Fan-art by: Shiroi Ryouhi Art Descriptions
My new Favorite Fan! President of the NekoBaka Fan-club!
And She gives me my first NekoBaka Fan-art! COOL!
Ryouhi normally draws furs. Why don't you check out her
Gallery in Elfwood?
Fan-art by: Makaris Art Descriptions
Makaris is so cool! (He's the guy in the pic). I managed
to get him to say he'll do all the characters ^_^ Now it's
only a matter of time... *grins*
Fan-art by: Alias Art Descriptions
Hee hee ^_^ More Gina Fan-art. We can expect a finished
product from the full-body Gina Sketch he says.
Fan-art by: Inky Art Descriptions
Wow! We have Vink Fan-art! Who would have thought?
We barely know anything about this pink Fae and she
has a fan! She must feel special!
And another Vink Fanart.

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