by Terra, the Lazy Artist

GT1. FIRE! by Terra
GT2. Beautiful by Terra and PenChaft
GT3. Introductions by PenChaft
GT4. CATCH THIS! by PenChaft
GT5. Morals by PenChaft
GT6. *lightbulb* by PenChaft
GT7. G A S P ! by PenChaft
GT8. Do you like swords? by PenChaft
Special Who kidnapped Belle? by PenChaft
GT9. Consensus by PenChaft
GT10. That doesn't happen where I come from... by PenChaft
GT11. Breathe deep... by PenChaft
GT12. Singing Insanity by PenChaft
GT13. Battle by PenChaft
GTSpecial What happened to Olaf? by PenChaft
(No she didn't read "What the-...!?" before she wrote this!)
GT14. Olaf Lives by PenChaft
GT15. Time to Make Campby PenChaft
GT16. Tell me a story. by PenChaft
GT17. That's my Story... by Terra
GT18. ...and I'm sticking to it by Terra
GT19. Fire and Ice by Terra
GT20. Evasive Maneuveurs
GT21. Gina's Story End - Background Rant
GTFiller: Gina's Training Restarting! YAY!
GT22: Rise and Shine
GT23: There's Always a History Component
GT24: Fighter's no Magi
GT26: Fighter the Talking Stress Ball

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