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A cool comic spin-off made by the fans of the even
more cool comic of RPG World. I've got a cameo in this
comic! Oh, and a crossover is in the planning stages,
so read up now! That way you won't be lost when the
crossover happens!

This is currently my favorite comic... LOVE THE BISHIS AND

Wicked Cool! This comic follows the life of a boy named
Koji who has an askew view of life... There's a mystery going on
and I can't wait to find out what it is!

Demonology 101
We all know what being a teenager is like, right?
What if you were also a demon trying to live a normal
life, but the bad guys just won't let you? THEN it gets
even worse! Hard enough just being a teen!

Fanboy Otaku Gamers
I like this comic, perfect for anyone that loves
anime and Video games. A must see!

Tsunami Channel
Awesome Anime-style comic witha real japanese Artist!
Akira-san is awesome in his work. Updated Daily.

Love Anime? Love Video Games? Love Destruction?
Love crazy people who live life as it were a video game
and people who wish life were like a manga? I do! And
all of that is in MegaTokyo!

Your Wings are Mine
An awesome Shounen-ai comic with a very good story.
Beatiful art and sexy bishies and a some people
that just need a bit of help to fly.

One cool comic about an Otaku Fan-girl who gets her
dream come true and gets knocked into another dimension
after visiting Tokyo Tower... This should be interesting...

Waaaaah! Xuanwu, a friend of mine, now writes this! Wicked!

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Are you such an Otaku that you wish you were a magical
girl? Sometimes the best man for a job is a woman...
that once was a man...

pOnju - PiggyHunter!
A girl, a legend and a pig.
Porkchop is a better name than Bratticus, right?

RPG World
Wickedly awesome RPG game spoofing comic that is
set up like it was a real video game.

Bob and George
A great sprite comic that uses Megaman sprites. I've
been following it for a while, and even if you've only
played a little bit of Megaman, you'll still love this comic!

Like RPGW, Adventurers spoofs RPGs. Unlike RPGW, it
is based on that spoof, though has recently developed some
major plot other than collecting party members and level
gaining. (2 very important things, mind you.)

Magical Mage Pretty Magic
A sweet spoof on Magical girl animes like Sailor Moon.
It's still rather new, but it's still cool!

Eversummer Eve
Griffin McBride is your average college student.
Or is he? Throw in some interesting past incidents,
a bit of Wild Magic, and a mischievous Faery Lord.
A must read comic! Awesome and elaborate Artwork!

Julie Bihn's Comics
A collection of several comics by a person who is
a great storyteller and good artist. (When she draws she
can keep her characters consistant, unlike me...)

A rather short-lived comic along the same lines of
MegaTokyo. It's pretty cool, with sweet artwork. ^_^

Honou to Hyoushou
A very slow-moving comic, but the art is cool. Has
shounen-ai(boy-love) themes. Still pretty sweet.

"Oh no! I'm going to die! Hit Reset!" Heheh, just joking.
This is a pretty cool sprite comic based on actual video
games that has a goos story and a way to nicely use sprites
from several different games without making it seem confusing
and insane! A must read! Check it out!

Save Point
In association with Reset, is Save Point. ("Don't tell me you
forgot to save?") heehee. This is pretty sweet, and is another
spoof on the console RPG. I know, I have a lot of links to them.
Check this one out! And yes, they all do seem to be idiots...
NekoBaka would really like Sword ^_^

Boy Meets Boy
This is a comic staring 2 homosexuals. It's a very
nice comic. And all the guys are cute... However most
of them are gay... but the one that's bi is cute ^_^
You might have some luck there.

Chronicles of a Drow Sorceress
This comic is 5\/\/337! It's originally based on D&D
and Menzoberanzan, but it's becoming more and more it's
own story, and I just LOVE it! Wicked art surpasses the
poor grammar. You gotta check it out!

Major 5W337N355! This comic is AWESOME! Check it out!
Where'd they go? I'll let you find out

Strings of Fate
This hand drawn comic is AWESOME. It's based on the
story of the chinese Zodiac. It's full of intrigue where
one of the animal gods is reborn as a human and the other
gods try to manipulate him. ^_^

8-Bit Theatre
You know how many early RPGs lacked character
development? Well look no more! Here's the characters
you love from Final Fantasy 1 complete with personality
and history! (Black Mage Rocks!)

Separation Anxiety
5\/\/337! This comic is cool and the artwork is nice.
The story is cool, about these people who are immortal
and controlled by these magic pendants... Really neat.

This is a school comic that focuses around homosexuals.
I like it so far.

Other cool sites Descriptions

Megchan's Digimon Sekai
A great place to look up Digimon cards and check out some
cool digimon fan-art and stuff.

They're Playing Our Song
A REALLY, REALLY awesome Miki and Kozue Kaoru (from Utena)
fansite! A must see is the little music video in the Stopwatchery
Section with the Song "Deep as you Go" I love it!
Anime Lyrics A great place to look of japanese songs and
translations. Even the american original songs
are here! Love the music? Check it out!
FreeDict Jap/English Dictionary I look up a lot of japanese words with this
Check it out! It's really helpful.

Do you like to collect random anime-style images?
I sure do! This is a Korean site that has people
posting new images daily... from cute to H.
It's all moe! (something we love)
Love anime? Love Music?
See the product of anime fans.

Sakura-Crisis Scanlations
I love shounen-ai/yaoi manga...
This is a good scanlation site. Check it out!
What kind of Shounen-Ai Relationship
are you involved in?
I made the image results for this quiz.
Check it out!

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