by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Ace
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Fighting Abilities: Stealth, Stealing, Daggers, and Short Swords
Likes: Pen, Princess Fiona, Leah, Stealing, Italian Food, Green
Dislikes: Getting caught, getting beat up by girls, unwanted affection (Blake)

First Appearance: Comic #8: Girls ^_^;

Connections: Father: ???
Mother: ???

Personality: Ace is a little on the pessimistic side, and he understands that some
people have a need for privacy. He's never pried into any of his friends pasts and lets
them tell him as they see fit. He's a very laid back character.

Background: Ace grew up in a different country than most of the others (I haven't
given it a name yet, he may end up being from the same country as Erin because she's not
from Taria either.) Where Ace grew up, poverty and thievery were the norm, and Ace grew up
alone, without a mother or a father, and he just did what he had to do to get by. But lucky
him has taken it easy since settling into Taria. The only thing threatening his stay is
Blake's presence.

Character Design: Ace is Bartz/Butz Thief from FF5. He's not a fashionable guy so the
only way you'll see him in other outfits is if it's a disguise. Besides, he doesn't spend
his money on clothes. Well... anyway I decided on him since I realized "Whoa! I don't have
a guy among Fiona's friends! Must remedy that..." I like him, he's cute, and adds a little
more color to the cast. Ace's Card is based off of Eri and his CT sprite is based off Crono.
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