by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Diva Belle Aria
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Fighting Abilities: None, other than an enchanting voice
Likes: Performing, Fairy Tales
Dislikes: Bunglers (people who mess up), things not working out the way they're "supposed" to

First Appearance: Comic #37: The Star of the Show

Connections: Father/Manager: Matthew Aria
Object of her affection: Nick
Personality: Belle revels in the attention given her, and even so, it's not enough.
Belle is TRULY a spoiled brat, and craves more attention than people can give her. She actually
believes in fairy tales whole heartedly and believes they are the truth. So she can be a very
troublesome person. I wouldn't want her to become fixated on me ^_^

Background: Belle was born to be on the stage. She steals the spotlight and she is
highly overdramatic. She shines on stage and people saw this quality in her easily so Belle is a
spoiled child prodigy. She is also highly sheltered outside of the world of the stage, people want
to "protect" her. But she's become highly illusioned. It'll take a good smack in the face to set
this kid back on the right track, but she'll cause a lot of trouble 'til then.

Character Design: When I designed Belle, I was playing Final Fantasy 6 again
and had just passed the opera part so she is based on Celes playing Maria. I didn't tinker any
pics for her however. I didn't have a Maria pic so I painted in every pixel of her FF sprite. The
story behind Belle is that I wanted her as a character, I just didn't know what to call her or what
her personality would be. So she had a mysterious "???" labelling her for the longest time. Then I
started to call her "Diva" and then finally I named her "Belle" but I really couldn't STOP calling her
"Diva" until recently. So finally I'm comfortable with the name "Belle and have to remember she used
to be called "Diva". Belle's card is based off of Roll, Rimnerel(T), Michelle and Mature(slightly).
Her CT Sprite is based off of Lucca, Marle, and Schala.
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