by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Blake Ashke
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Fighting Abilities: Lecturing (Amelia-like speeches from Slayers),
Minor White and Black Magic
Likes: Romance, Music, Poetry, Ace, Exotic/Worldly/Cultured Food
Dislikes: Fighting

First Lines: Comic #16: Stories... and Poetry?
First Appearance: Comic #17: Comic #17 - Long Time no See:(can't we keep it that way?)

Connections: Beloved: Ace

Personality: Blake is homosexual, gay, however you wanna say it (I prefer "shaych" myself).
He's been obsessed with Ace since he first met him a few years ago. He's as persistent as Vin, but
unlike Vin, he has even less of a chance with Ace as Vin has with Fiona. Doesn't mean he'll give up
though. Blake is so passionate about everything, that he tends not to notice little things right in
front of his face.

Background: Blake doesn't talk much about himself, but he's from a foreign capital.
He grew up in a well-to-do merchant family that wanted Blake to carry on the family business, but
Blake was in love with music and poetry. So Blake "decided" (he was given an ultimatum, learn the
family business or leave) that he would leave home and seek his fortune doing what he loved at age 13.
His natural poetic nature, and his charm has kept him going and well off. He was always swamped by girls
whenever he stopped to perform, but while he was travelling one day, he saw Ace, "handsome and valiant".
He realized that he didn't like girls at all and he fell in love with Ace. Consequently the angst of his
poetry after meeting Ace made him more money, but he doesn't care about that.

Character Design: Bartz/Butz Red Mage with hair re-coloured. (Original sprite
by my friend, but I changed the hairstyle of the sprite from Butz's original) I didn't come up
with this character concept in any way. All of Blake's design is attributed to my friend Kaze.
I need more guys in my comic, and more variety, so now I have Blake who'll make things just right.
The fact that he's after Ace is something to make things very interesting! In the words of Pinky:
"FUN FUN SILLY WILLY!" Blake's Card is based off of Chris, King and Juli, and his CT Sprite is based
off of young Glenn.
Blake Sprites, Blake, the Original, Blake (Age 7), Blake in White, Blake's Profile

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