by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Christian Carlisle
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Fighting Abilities: Patchwork and adaptive swordstyle learned from other fighters.
Likes: Fighting, Swords, Warriors, Improving his skills, Black, Blue
Dislikes: Not learning about fighting (and being Black and Blue [joking])

First Appearance: Comic #23: The Cat's Meow

Connections: Owns(or is owned by): NekoBaka

Personality: Christian may seem to be rather dense, but in reality he's just really
sceptical if he has no proof (like seeing with his own eyes). He's a great fighter, really. As a
warrior, he really knows his stuff, and knows how to learn from other people. He's really a nice guy
once you get to know him. But "Who said I wanted a relationship?"

Background: Christian is a young warrior who's traveling around challenging
other fighters. Why does he do that? Because he grew up in a village where the best warrior
couldn't teach him much. So he started traveling. His only purpose is to learn all he can from
everyone. However he hasn't thought about when he's learned all he can learn, what he will do.
I guess we'll get to that ^_^ He's not quite sure how he actually ended up with "his" cat, NekoBaka.
All he remembers is fighting this one guy when he gets knocked out of his senses. When he wakes up next
day, he's in some ruins he can't recognize with the damned cat sitting on top of him giving him a
murderous glare. Christian just took it in stride and since there was no one else around he decided he
should take care of it.

Character Design: Yet another suggested character based yet again off of
Bartz/Butz FF5. However I was happily given plenty of leeway with this character. I was told
he was a troublemaker... likes fighting and if I wanted to I could include the Demon Cat.
He was originally an edited Fighter (FF1) for his sprite, but I decided to keep somewhat
consistent and updated it to Bartz THEN, but I still kept some Fighter sprites. Christian's
Card is based on Ryu, Kyo(P) and Makoto and his CT sprite is based off of Kino, a Guard and Crono.
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