by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Erin
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Fighting Abilities: Good Hand to hand, Rapiers and Light Swords
Likes: Weapons, Fighting, acting cool and aloof, justice, secrets
Dislikes: Seafood ("Fish aren't seafood, they're lake or river-food."), Romance

First Appearance: Comic #8: Girls ^_^;

Connections: Father: ???
Mother: ???

Personality: Erin is my aloof character. I guess I'm portraying her like Zelgadis
from Slayers. They even have the same Fashion sense! ^_^ Well, Erin is supposed to be
my "Mystery" character. She keeps off to one side a lot, but does like to let go a
little and gossip now and then. Really, she's a normal person. She's just a bit deprived.

Background: Okay, the Mystery is pretty much out. Erin had things pretty nice before
her parents died, but she was lost afterwards. She was very gullible and naive as a child
but lost that as she grew up. She wasn't very fulfilled after she was taken in to be trained.
And fortunately I still have a few secrets up my sleeve for her. ^_~ Okay, well, Erin was
what you'd call a hiresword, and sometimes a sabatoeur and spy. She didn't spy very often
though, and she completely stopped after spying on Queen Anna.

Character Design: Erin is based from Feris Mystic Warrior FF5. I changed a few of her
outfit colors and made her hair white because I felt like it. The truth is, I thought of
making her a boy too, but I saw that chest and thought "Nahhh too much work, she's a
girl." I considered it because Feris pretends she's a boy in the game, so I was hoping it
might work out... but I like her as she is now, really. ^_^ Her young sprites are a mix
between Krill FF5 and Relm FF6 and her teen sprites are based off a character from
Romancing Saga. Her Cards took a lot of work and thought and I'm still not entirely happy
with them. They're based off of Juli, Mature, and Remy for "Mysterious" and Leona and
Sougetsu for "Deep". Her CT sprite is based off of Ayla.
Erin Sprites, Erin "Old" (if she were), Erin "Real", Erin, the Original, Erin as a kid, inspired by her flashback. Erin's Profile

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