by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Princess Fiona Torra of Toria
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Fighting Abilities: Hand to hand combat, status changing magic
Likes: Sweets, Flowers, Friends, Hitting Annoying People
Dislikes: Black Mage Outfits, Annoying People, Raw Fish

First Appearance: Comic #1: Kung-Fu Princess or Alternate Address

Connections: Uncle: Prince Frederick
Father: King Fiodor
Mother: Queen Anna(deceased)

Personality: Fiona is a fashionable Princess and doesn't like to wear
exactly the same thing two days in a row. (Watch for costume changes ^_^)
Suitors have been after her hand for a few years now always saying the same
thing, so she's a little frayed at the edges when it comes to them. She
is very violent when she's annoyed or angry, but she knows how to be
diplomatic when she has to.

Background: Well... of course Fiona is a princess, but she couldn't care less
about actually BEING royalty. She loved her mother very much, and quite frankly started
to rebel after her death. Fiona started being rather analytical and kept seeing the
worst things about being royalty. Once she was faced with the element of the normal
people when she met up with Leah and Leia years after the death of their mothers, she's
fallen in love with a simple life. She wants to have it and has just up and run off
several times. But she always ends up coming back, because she can never truly run away
from being royalty.

Character Design: Fiona is the sprite for "Reina" or I've seen her called "Lenna"
from FF5. Reina was also a princess, and yada yada. The reason I chose to use
Reina, unedited, was because I had the idea for the comic I just need to get
into it, so the first panel was born from slapping together some pre-made
characters on a scene I'd made when thinking up settings. So Comic 1 was the
first sign of the Lazy Artist at work. I put more work into her Card though. It's
based off of Chun-Li for the orange-backed Fighter, Xiang-Fei and Chun-Li for the
other fighter. Originally for the Princess it was based off of Juli, Chun-Li,
Cathy, ShowTime! and Grace, while in the second version I added Xiang Fei's face/head
while keeping Juli's hair and mouth. Fiona's CT sprite is based off of Marle normal
and Marle Princess.
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