by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Gina Eriks
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Fighting Abilities: A natural knack for Magic... Beware her Flame.
Likes: Watching Fights + arguments, Blue, Black Mage Robes and Hats, Shopping, Boys
Dislikes: Being alone

First Appearance: Comic #2: Old Friends or Alternate Address

Connections: Father: ???
Mother: Grace Eriks
Teachers: Master Olaf Art and Black Mage

Personality: Gina's my ditzy character who I get to play around with. I
guess I can say she doesn't know what's going on around her all the time. She's
very fun-loving, and if there are worries or concerns, she generally doesn't dwell
on them.

Background: Out of everyone, Gina's had the most normal family upbringing of the
entire group. She was raised by a loving mother, who isn't much smarter than Gina seems
to be. Gina never knew her father and never asks about him, and frankly Grace wouldn't
tell her anything anyway. Gina's very giving and care-free because of a happy childhood.
But there's something strange about Gina, not quite natural, and some day, it may be
brought into the light.

Character Design: Gina is based from Terra(morphed) in FF6. I gave her skin
coloring and brown hair and a little leotard (because I was lazy, again). While Fiona
changes outfits because I have a lot with her, Gina has gotten her stylish dress in
Black Mage Fashion because her Leotard frankly annoyed me. I really like her now and
I've actually made new positions for her like sitting... And waving and clapping her
hands together. FUN! ^_^ Her CT sprite is based off of Marle, and her Card is based off
of Lilith, Athena, Nina, R.Mika and Tessa.
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