by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Kelvin
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Fighting Abilities: Dumb Luck (if he's actually successful)
Likes: Justice, Helping people, honour
Dislikes: Stealing

First Appearance: Comic #32: Two Stupid People

Connections: Sister: Pen

Personality: Kelvin is an idealist. He's quite naive, but that doesn't stop him
from trying to help people. He'll never let go of his ideals.

Background: Kelvin grew up in the slums of Taria, practically raised by his sister.
His parents died when he was young but he remembers them and holds their morals close.
Kelvin doesn't care what Pen thinks, he believes in holding onto their parent's memory by holding
their ideals. He just wishes Pen would see that.

Character Design: My RL Friend Kelvin wanted to be a character in my comic.
He wanted Red Hair. I said, "Want to be Pen's brother?" And he said "Suuure." They both had
Red Hair. When Kelvin found out and saw her sprite he was "NOOOOO! Why did I agree to be
her brother?" Kelvin (and Kevin) is based off of someone's complete sheet of Clyde Arrowny FF6.
Kelvin's card is based off of Makoto and Yang while Kevin is based off of Yang and Makoto.
Their CT sprites are based off of Glenn and Crono.

Kevin? Who's that?: Kelvin's Evil Clone. He hasn't been introduced yet, so sit tight.
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