by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Leah Gemini
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Fighting Abilities: Healing Magic, Rods and blunt weapons
Likes: Helping people, Singing, Carrots, her twin (Leia)
Dislikes: Fighting, Feeling helpless, harsh language

First Appearance: Comic #10: New Arrivals - Special Effects

Connections: Father: ???
Mother: Kyla Gemini
Sister: Leia
Aunt: Kali Gemini
Teacher: Priestess Vi

Personality: Leah is my goody two-shoes. She's a soft-spoken, polite and sweet
character. (Some of the reasons why everyone likes her.) She's innocent, a little
naive and a little ignorant at times, but she's a good addition to the group.
Leah is also a strong individual, but she's often too shy to let it shine through.

Background: Leah loved and cherished her mother. She loved everything about her.
So of course Leah fell right into being a White Mage at the monastery her mother had
asked them to go to. Despite her modesty, Leah is a very powerful white mage, though
not yet quite to her mothers level. (Trivia: Red edged: moderate White Mage, can get
get the job done, but doesn't have that extra oomf. Blue edged: Very skilled and talented,
have a knack for healing and can sometimes heal when they merely wish it to happen.
And finally Pale Blue edged: Extemely skilled and powerful, but very rare. These healers
only come from naturally gifted people who can excel in both studies and use in there
natural abilities.) Bet ya didn't expect that huh? Leah's modesty stems from her
mother's modesty, but it's completely different, seeing as Kyla saw herself as a part
of white mages as a whole and Leah sees herself as compared to her mother and can't
see that she is really good on her own. She denies her individuality a lot.

Character Design: Leah is based on a mixture of Rydia FF4, and Reina White Mage FF5.
If you care to look, my original plan for my blonde Rydia is in the border SOMEWHERE
wearing a pink outfit based on Rydia's own.. *shudders* I just didn't like the outfit
but I liked the head so I decided "Hey! I'll give her another body and it'll be
perfect!" And I love my pretty, sweet and innocent Leah. Now her Card is based off of
Juni and Chizura from CardFightersSlash, and her CT sprite is based off of Flea and Marle.
Leah Sprites, Leah, the Original, Leah's Profile

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