by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Leia Gemini
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Fighting Abilities: Heavy Swords, Wears heavy armor
Likes: Her Twin (Leah), Contests of Strength, Fighting
Dislikes: Dresses, Fancy Parties

First Appearance: Comic #10: New Arrivals - Special Effects

Connections: Father: ???
Mother: Kyla Gemini
Sister: Leah
Aunt: Kali Gemini

Personality: Leia is my Rowdy person. She likes making a scene and proving herself
to others. This may be a little to prove to her sister that she can protect her. ^_^
She's very different from her sister in attitude and speech, but they both have
Blonde hair and Blue eyes and Blue in their outfits so... ^_^;

Background: Leia went to the monastery with her sister like her mother told the two
of them to do, but she wasn't thrilled from the start. She'd actually felt alienated
from her mother because her mother pressured her to be a white mage like she was, but
it wasn't something Leia wanted to do. The White mages at the monastery saw and
understood that she didn't belong. Leia didn't want to leave her sister, but the
excuse of being a protector works like a charm doesn't it? Leia was raised by her
aunt, and she loved feeling accepted. Kali is a real individual, which would be why
she's the captain of a mercenary company. Leia just can't think of herself on her
own. She has her whole life planned out and it's all with her sister by her side.

Character Design: Reina Knight FF5. While trying to think up a friend for Fiona, I
looked over all the different Reina outfits and decided what Fiona wouldn't wear.
The knight was one of them, too bulky, not elegant or stylish. So I decided to make
her blonde. Then I noticed a similarity between her and my Rydia/Reina sprite and I
decided twin sisters! (I love twins!) Then I named them Leah and Leia and I beamed at
my own cleverness, and I guess you're getting bored with this rantnow so I'll stop.
Leia's Card is based off of Rain and her CT Sprite is based off of Lucca and Marle.
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