by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Nick Grey
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Fighting Abilities: hand-to-hand combat, shurikens, speed, confusion
Likes: Girls, being adored/cuddled/fawned over, Style, Italian food
Dislikes: Being turned down, Competition (in the field of love), Not being taken seriously

First Appearance: Comic #14 - Overprotective

Connections: Beloved: Leah
Enemy/Rival: Deiter

Personality: Nick is a playboy. He likes girls and woos them whenever he has a
chance. He's also a ninja, though he may not look like your traditional ninja, he cares about
style and looking good and that old fashioned ninja getup hides your face and it's harder to get
the girls if they can't see his handsome face. Besides, it's out of date and a little too unusual.

Background: Nick grew up in a ninja family, and has always been quite the looker.
Girls always watched him, blushing and giggling and Nick, being quite arrogant and flashy, played
them up. Every pretty girl that he found remotely interesting got the treatment. Of course he trained
the whole time with his parents, but he was such a peacock that though he had excellent skills, he
wasn't the most focused ninja. Nick didn't really care and did what he wanted anyway. He kept up
his connections to the underground when he left home at 17 and took on bodyguard jobs for the most
part. All of them were only temporary. After a particularily well-paid job where he ended up in Taria
he decided to relax a bit and hung around the park where he first met Leah.

Character Design: A friend of mine came up to me and said, "And next will come in the
playboy ninja Nick". I hadn't brought in Leah and Leia when he suggested Nick, but I was ready to, so
I told him that THEY were next, and then MAYBE the Playboy Ninja. But I soon fell in love with the idea
(especially since I ended up modeling him after Locke FF6, editing Bartz for extra forms) He was the first
of the guys (as in male characters) that I drew, that I vaguely hinted at in the update. hehheh. But I
like him and his picture is really cute and I'm glad I have friends that want to contribute to my comic.
Now he's pretty much completely modelled after Locke, though his Bartz edit sprites are still on the sheet.
His card is based off Kyo, Kyo[P], and Ralf in CardFightersSlash with King's Rose and his CT sprite is
based off of young Glenn.
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