by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Pen
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Fighting Abilities: Dagger throwing, stealing, stealth
Likes: Ace, Money, Treasure, luxuries, practicallity
Dislikes: Blake, Kelvin, Squalor, impracticality

First Appearance: Comic #32: Two Stupid People

Connections: Brother: Kelvin
Boyfriend: Ace

Personality: Pen is a practical person. She knows what she needs so she gets it.
Since you can't get by in this world without money, she steals it, simple as that.

Background: Pen grew up in the slums of Taria. Her parents died when she was young
keeping to a strict moral regime. Pen saw that they died because the refused to think for their
own safety and survival, so Pen refused to do the same and took up thievery.

Character Design: Pen is based off of Daryl from FF6. Never heard of her? She's
a minor character, but major enough to have a name. If Daryl cut her hair, dyed it red, and
changed her colour scheme, she'd be Pen. Pen is based off of my net-friend Penny, PenChaft ect.
OR to be more exact, Penny's RP characters. A practical Red-haired thief. hee hee ^_^ Pen's Card
is based off of Rosa and her CT sprite is based off of Ayla.
Pen Sprites, Pen, the Original, Pen's Profile

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