by Terra, the Lazy Artist

Name: Lordling Vincent "Vin" Rain
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Fighting Abilities: None whatsoever. He's a diplomat and a pansy
Likes: Romance, Music, Fiona, eloquence
Dislikes: Rudeness, not-music, Ruffians (Ace and the rest)

First Appearance: Comic #1: Kung-Fu Princess or Alternate Address

Connections: Vassal of: Prince Frederick
Father: Lord Gerald Rain

Personality: Well, Vin is the kind of guy that never learns. He's one of the
suitors for Fiona that comes back over and over again. I had a friend request a character
who was Romantic, Never Learns and doesn't know when to quit and have him named Vin.
(consequently his name)

Background: Vin is the son of Lord Gerald, a nobleman that holds land for
Prince Frederick. Vin was fostered as Prince Frederick's ward, so the man is like a second
father to him. Vin has been in love wirth Fiona from the first time they met when they were
children after Fiona's mother died, and Prince Frederick encouraged his pursuits of the Princess.

Character Design: Edward FF4. I couldn't think up something to fit my friends
description then thinking back to the first comic I remembered my lazy re-coloring of Edward
in the Last Panel, and showed it to him and he liked it. ^_^ So here we have our recurring in and
out character. His Card is based off of Vega, Juni, Rosa and Takato. His CT sprite is based off of
Magus, with edits. ^_^
Vin Sprites, Vin, the Original, Vin, the Pre-Original, Vin's Profile

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