by Terra, the Lazy Artist

"Why Sprite Show?"

Question Answer
Why don't you draw your comic?
This question would be prompted by the fact I draw pictures of the
characters, right? Well... I'm okay at drawing them, but I'm terrible
at uniformity, backgrounds are very time consuming and I don't own my own
scanner to scan things in. Is that good enough for you?

Who is the "friend" that named Sprite Show!?
That would be Chaft or Penny. You won't know her, but she has a fan-art
in the Fan-Art section. Check it out if you haven't! It's a wicked pic!

Why did a friend need to name your comic?
Because I couldn't decide on something I liked. I WAS leaning towards Sprite Show!
from the beginning, but I thought it sounded dorky. However the name grew on me
after Penny convinced me to use it my suggesting even more ridiculous names then
saying "Why don't you just use Sprite Show then?" So I did, and I'm happy with the
way things are now. ^_^

What does the name "Sprite Show" have to
do with the content of the comic?

Only that it's in essence a movie or cartoon or some sort of story with images
(That's the "Show" part). The sprite part is there because my characters are game
sprites. I never would have known that they were called sprites if my brother hadn't
of told me ^_^; He's a big game fan and his profession is VG programmer, so of
course he knows these things. The title has nothing to do with the actual content
of the comic, so you need to read the comic to see if you like it or not. Remember:
"Don't judge a book by its cover." Or title as the case may be.

Why a comic using video game sprites?
Well... I'd gotten into on-line comics (See Links for some of them) and eventually
I found my way to 8-bit Theater. Eventually after that I took a link from 8-bit theater
and found a pile of sprites. I realized if 8-bit theater could do it, so could I, so I
used the sprites I had, edited them in some cases and I got the characters you see today.

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